Best Wig Styles For Different Face Shapes

wig styles for different face shapes

Choosing a wig to fit your face from numerous options could be pretty difficult. You find yourself asking, ‘what kind of wig style will fit my face shape?’ A lot of factors need to be considered and a lot of people fail at this.

This article gives deep insight into the different types of faces and the types of wigs that best suits such faces. Read on.

1. Round Face 

People with extreme fullness and a wide hairline below their cheekbones are considered to be round-faced. Recommended wig styles for faces like this are linear styles with long wisplike side layers.

2. Heart Face

The Heart Face shape is when you have a narrow chin and a wide forehead, the mid-neck to medium length and a soft layer bobs fits perfectly to faces like this.

3. Oval Face

The oval face is best amongst others, narrow cheekbones and wide jaws which goes perfectly with any type of wig style.

4. Pear Face 

Have a narrow forehead and a larger jawline?. The best fit is a wig having a volume at it’s temples and crown is the best fit.

5. Diamond Face

Someone with a forehead with wide cheekbones and narrow chin is said to have a diamond face. Reduced volume is recommended when getting a wig with a bound, Bobs too will look good.

6. Oblong Face

 A face with a long thin bone structure. Curly or wavy styles will give a better look with an added volume. Honour the face with a sweeping fringe.

7. Square Face

Wigs with height at the crown are best recommended because of the wide hairline and jaw associated with this type of shape.

Now that you’ve been able to identify the best wig style for your face shape, you can go ahead to try other styles. You don’t have to feel restricted to a particular style. Just do what you feel comfortable in and rock your wig with grace.

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