Types Of Wig Caps Construction

This article contains the simplest explanations that would give the best insights on the 4 major cap constructions available when buying your wig. There are numerous factors influencing choice of wigs, hopefully, you&ll be able to understand better after digesting this piece.

Usually, one gets easily confused when it comes to making choices about wigs especially when its the first time. You want a wig that looks nice, natural and comfortable what then do you need to do to pick the best?

There are 4 major cap constructions although some certain type of wigs have more than one element, they are as follows:

Monofilament Wigs:

These are hand tied monofilament wig materials that are made by shearing meshes. This is done in order to give looks as though the hair is coming from your own hair scalp.

Materials could be just a parting section, a top section or even the whole cap. Monofilament wigs are known to be versatile when styling as you can move the hair as you like and it gives a more natural look especially to people suffering from hair loss.

Machine woven wigs:

As implied by the name, machine woven wigs are produced by high tech machines that sew human or synthetic hairs into strips materials. Machine woven wigs have no solid cap and are popularly called the cap-less wig. Because it is being done by machines, the materials exhibit extremely comfortable and light conditions. They are the most affordable type of wigs and they usually come with a teased and styled crown which prevents seeing through the scalp.

Hand-tied wigs:

Hand-tied wigs have the highest quality of wig and are known to be the most natural. Each filament or strand is tied singly to a sheer mesh cap. Hand-tied wigs can be styled into any desired way and would still move just like your natural hair.

Lace front wigs: A lace front wig will always give a natural hairline appearance, it can be worn with confidence away from the face because of the temple-to-temple strips of sheer lace. These features add to the versatility and styling of this type of wigs and further gives a flawless appearance.

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